Past Events


Angry Birds 2

August 2019

Project Fly LA took a group of children and their parents to an advance screening of Angry Birds 2. Transportation from the was provided to the theater and each child received a Project Fly LA or Angry Birds 2 t-shirt, movie ticket, snacks, drinks, and a breathe love care package.


Self Love Movie Day

February 2017

Project Fly LA took 88 homeless children and their mothers to see the inspirational movie Hidden Figures. Transportation from the homeless shelter was provided to the amazing LA Live Regal Theater! Each child and mother received a Project Fly LA t-shirt, movie ticket, popcorn, snacks, drink, self love bag filled with hygiene products and back to school supplies.


Project Fly LA XMas

December 2016

Project Fly LA gave out shoes, educational toys and gift cards to over 100 children in need in Santa Monica.


Second Annual Cuts for Christmas

December 2016

Project Fly LA hosted the 2nd Annual Cuts for Christmas with Parris Wagner & the Ninth Chapter Barber Shop. They provided new shoes, educational toys, hygiene products and homework calendars for over 50 kids. Each child received a free haircut, a picture with Santa and a Christmas gift. Pizza and snacks were provided by WOSH.


Back to School Night

August 2016

Project Fly LA Sponsored over 45 haircuts, backpacks filled with school supplies and new shoes to children of the Windsor Charter Elementary School for children in need.


Alvin & the Chipmunks Movie Event with Mechelle Epps & Path 

December 2015

Project Fly LA joined forces with the Epps Foundation to bring over 40 children to see the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks for Christmas. Each child took home a toy sponsored by various Celebrities and their families.


First Annual Cuts for Christmas

December 2015

Project Fly LA provided over 100 haircuts to the children in need in the LA County and Santa Monica. Healthy food was provided by Noah's bagel and Fresh Farm Fruits & Veggies. This day was filled with Self Love Mentorships, Healthy Eating, Self Love bags filled with hygiene products


Self Love Day: Food for Soul

August 2015

Project Fly LA provided over 30 young men a day full of Self Love Mentorships by two amazing guest Speakers Kevon Gulley (Save Black Boys) and La Donte King (Graduating Champions). A healthy lunch was provided, free hair cuts and Self LOVE Bags given to each young man filled with hygiene products and two books to fill their minds with empowerment.


Vision Board Day with Sheik Community Center

July 2015

Project Fly LA joined forces with the Sheik Community Center to host a Vision Board day for all students ages 7-17. It was a day filled with Self Love and Self Improvement workshops. The kids were able to create their own vision boards based on their goals and dreams.


Self Love Day

June 2015

Project Fly LA provided mentorships on how to handle anger and bullying in school. We covered how to report bullying, how to hand your feelings when being bullied and positive reinforcement of self love to empower themselves. We taught the children how to meditate and provide 30 minute yoga classes to all 25 children. Chipotle provide a healthy lunch for all of the kids. Jazzmine Ashley Salon sponsored the location and each child received a hairstyle or haircut, pair of converse shoes, a journal and hygiene products.