In a broken world, it is so important to come together and restore our future by #givingchildrentheirwingsback
— Lucy Taylor, Founder of Project Fly LA

Our Mission

Project Fly LA is a support system geared towards giving local children the tools necessary to enhance their self-esteem and better prepare them for their education. 

Our goal for Project Fly LA is to build confidence in the under privileged and academically challenged student by providing them with the tools they will need to succeed in life. The closet, yet simplest things that may be a challenge to afford are often overlooked.  By providing them with the proper school supplies, hygiene products, mentorship, after-school programs, hair-cuts, clothes and shoes; we will give each child their wings to soar.

Our vision includes a boutique style center, called the “The Home of Project Fly LA”, where these items and services can be accessed.

There are nonprofit organizations in place that prepare adults for job interviews, at Project Fly LA, we prepare children for their education and the world, by helping them to feel good about themselves.

Welcome to Project Fly LA!