Lucy Taylor, Founder of Project Fly LA, is a former youth leader of teenagers between the ages of 12-18. While working in the youth ministry in Los Angeles, she was able to connect to so many different children, on so many different levels. She was known as "Mama Lucy".  Lucy Taylor worked countless volunteer hours for these children and the ministry. With Lucy Taylor being well diverse in adapting to such an array of different personality types and the fact that she did so well with working with the youth, there was a position created for her to be the liason between the youth and their parents to help get the parents involved. Lucy was very active not only during the program, but even took the time to work with the kids afterwards on her own personal time. 

Lucy Taylor knows first hand how important it is with this broken society to motivate our youth through self esteem clinics and affording our children the chance to soar by #givingchilderentheirwingsback. This has been her motto and purpose in life to help the youth who have suffered from child neglect, verbal, physical and sexual abuse, bullied, harassed by peers and who suffer from low self-esteem. Her passion stems from not just having a big heart, which she does, but by being one of those children who survived all of the items listed and so much more. You see, Project Fly LA founder Lucy Taylor, is one of those kids. She currently has 90% hearing loss in one of her ears and 70% hearing loss due to physical abuse she suffered as a child and now has to wear hearing aids for the rest of her life. This is why it is so important for Lucy Taylor and the Project Fly LA team to change things around for our youth. 

By providing them constant support through mentorship programs, educational supplies, hygiene products, haircuts, shoes and scholarships for camps throughout the year that will enhance their self-esteem and prepare them for a promising future, regardless of where they come from or what they have been through.