I have known Momma Lucy since we met at Oasis Christian center when she started serving as a youth leader every Fridaynight. I was 15 years old, now being 27, and was always hungry!!I know it may be funny, but Lucy fed me. Not only with food, but with wisdom. Growing up with a single Mom and 2 siblings, I had many responsibilities early. Not only that, I wanted to bring people closer to God. Momma Lucy has the faith of a mustard seed. Throughout the years she has always treated me like a son, but advised me like the man she new I could be,actually the man I am today. That's why I call her Momma Lucy. By being the awesome woman she is, and giving the unconditional love she always has given, she shows how much she loves the youth. By loving the youth, she can help make the future better, one by one.


Momma Lucy has always been an encourage'r in my life. She was one of my youth leaders when I attended Oasis Christian Church at age 12. She always believed in me and reminded me that I could do anything that I wanted to do. She always led from the front, she passed along wisdom to me through her experience and the standard of our living. At age 27, I can honestly say she contributed to my confidence and self-worth. I strive to do my best and provide excellence based on the standard she upheld in me at a young age. I call her Momma Lucy because she was my mom in the church, who always welcomed me in her home and as part of her family. With her being in my life I know that I always have a second home and family to go to.